Applications for faculty positions at UCLouvain

Applications for faculty positions at UCLouvain are examined with the utmost attention. If you apply for one of the academic jobs, the selection committee will need to have information on your experience, your profile, your teaching and research projects, etc. Additionally, in some cases successful candidates may be granted the budget to start with a Ph.D. student from the very beginning of their career at UCLouvain; this is why we also ask details on your research strategy and a project that might be conducted by a Ph.D. student working under your supervision.

Accordingly, your application will be considered only if it contains the following documents (to be uploaded into SuccessFactors):

  1. A cover letter to the Rector UCLouvain (letter to be included in your electronic application file);
  2. A full and updated curriculum vitae ;
  3. A complete publications list and the abstract of 3 of your recent key publications;
  4. Your research strategy:
    (4.1.) a text of about 3,000 characters (with spaces) describing the research programme that you intend to develop in the five coming years and;
    (4.2.) a text of maximum 8,000 characters (with spaces) describing a project to be conducted by a Ph.D. researcher* during a period of 2 to 4 years. The Ph.D. project presented in section 4.2 must include an abstract (of maximum 600 characters), state-of-the-art, research goals and key research questions, hypotheses, methodology and work plan;
  5. Your teaching project: a text of about 3,500 characters (with spaces) describing your teaching approach (your objectives, how you see courses, distance learning, interactive teaching, etc.). Please mention teaching questions that you find particularly interesting or challenging for the future;
  6. A copy of your final Ph.D. degree certificate** (For non-Belgian Ph.D. degree certificate, a copy of the PhD thesis or if the language is not French or English, an abstract of your thesis (min. 2 pages) is required).
  7. Minimum 3 to maximum 5 letters of recommendation, downloadable, by your referent after submitting your application (see procedure How to upload the recommendation letters).

With a view to facilitate the task of the selection committee members, please group these different documents in a single pdf file.

* This PhD project will be submitted to an internal Committee of the UCLouvain's Research Council that will select projects to encourage, and therefore fund, a PhD researcher starting with the opening of the academic year of your arrival. 

**Please note that successful applicants will be required to show their original university diploma(s) and thesis. If it is not yet possible, they must prove  they have obtained the academic  title of doctor. The  deadline for this requirement is February 1st of the current academic year.