Appointment rank

  1. New faculty member with little or no academic experience will be appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor (generally in a tenure track position first) (that is Chargé·e de cours, the rank at which one can start an academic career in Belgium).
  2. Those with several years of academic experience gained since completing their Ph.D. may either be appointed as Associate professor (Chargé·e de cours) especially  if there are less than 8 years of academic experience before arriving at UCLouvain.
  3. Anyone with more than 8 years of academic seniority abroad in a position covering all three missions - teaching, research, services - may be immediately appointed at the rank of Professor, based on analysis of their academic career to date.
  4. The rank of Full Professor, on the other hand, is not available upon appointment, only by internal promotion.

Will the successful applicant be tenured?

Whether the appointment is permanent or temporary will depend on the successful applicant’s experience. Newly recruited faculty member with limited experience – or who reorient their career from one discipline to another – will be appointed as Associate Professor* for a period of four years (or three) (tenure track). At the end of that period, an evaluation of his or her academic activities will be conducted and, if it is positive, this temporary appointment will be made permanent (tenure).

Evaluation will cover


  • teaching skills and ability to teach in both French and English,
  • integration into the faculty and institute where he or she works and, on a broader level, within the University, collaboration  and partnerships created with colleagues,
  • integration into the scientific community and, more specifically, into a flourishing research team,
  • ongoing scientific output.

When the successful applicant takes up his or her position, all of these objectives will be defined with the Vice-Rector for Personnal Policy, the Vice-Rector for the Sector, the Dean and the Head of the Institute in a "Joint Academic Career plan" (JAC).

(*) An Associate Professor may use the title of “Professor” once he or she takes up his or her duties.


To have an indication of the basic salary you will be earning, depending on your academic rank and seniority* at the time of appointment, please click here (in FR only).

University has no liberty on fixing faculty’s wages. Indeed these wages are decided by law, that is applicable in all Universities of the French community. 

Teaching load (number of classes and average annual teaching hours)

In the case of academics appointed as Assistant Professor (tenure track), the teaching load is 90 hours of classes/year in average during the probationary period (three or four years – up to max. 5 years), for a full-time position.

In the case of academics appointed as Assistant Professor or Professor (tenured), the teaching load is increased to 150 hours of classes/year on average, for a full-time position.

Benefits for UCL staff

  • FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT (SNCB/NMBS, TEC, De Lijn, STIB/MIVB) : UCLouvain employees can benefit from free commuting by train, or other public transportation (bus, tramways...). UCL covers the full cost of train tickets.
  • ACCESS TO MEDICAL CARE at Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc and CHU UCLouvain Namur.
  • OTHER BENEFITS... Candidates who are offered a job will be informed of the practical arrangements as well as the other benefits enjoyed by UCL members.

Residency in Belgium

Faculty members who are offered a position will be asked to have a residency in Belgium shortly (i.e. within the 12 months after they start at UCLouvain), their teaching and research activities requiring a regular attendance at their office and laboratory.