4-stage process

The recruitment of new academics follows Rules of Procedure no. 1, appended to the University Statute (March 2010- This text exist only in French – hereunder “FR”), and is essentially a four-stage process :

  • The first stage involves collating all the applications and submitting them to the selection committees appointed by the Executive Board. Before this can happen, the vacancies (proposed by the faculties & institutes and approved by the Sector Board) are confirmed by the Executive Board prior to being published.
  • The second is the first selection stage. Each selection committee selects the applicant(s) it would like to short-list, i.e.the applicant(s) it would like to interview before identifying the best candidate for the position published.
  • The third stage, selective also, is when the Executive Board confirms - or doesn't confirm the selection, having met the selected applicant and read the committee's report, the opinion of the Dean/Head of the Institute and an interview report issued by the Human Resources Administration (Recruitment Service). An e-mail is sent to the successful applicant, offering him/her the post. Unselected applicants will be notified by personal letter and invited to discuss the decision with the vice-rector for personnel policy.
  • The fourth and final stage is when the appointment and associated conditions of appointment are confirmed by the Board of Governors and then by the Board of Trustees (“Pouvoir Organisateur”). The official letter of appointment and all the relevant documentation and information is then sent to the successful applicant.