Doctoral Scholarship in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (M/F/X)



UCLouvain is offering a Doctoral Scholarship in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (M/F/X)


Job Id : SF  36468
Internal and external job posting until 21 June 2024


For the Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations (LouRIM) of Social sciences and humanities sector
Main campus :  Louvain-la-Neuve

Fixed-term, full-time (100%) grant for one year renewable 
Starting date : 1st October 2024


With a focus on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), this research seeks to contribute to broader discussions on workplace inequalities.

Research on psychological resources / psychological capital (resilience, self-efficacy, hope, optimism) has primarily focused on its potential benefits for organizations. Within this research tradition, employees’ positive psychological states are often viewed as strategic assets serving business organizations, thereby regarding them as resources to elevate organizational productivity and efficiency. As a result, most research on psychological resources / capital has centred on investigating their organizationally relevant outcomes, with overwhelming attention to their positive impact on performance.

Most research on the topic has ignored structural inequalities in employees’ access to psychological capital. Additionally, most research on psychological capital has been conducted with the participation of employees from dominant social groups. We know little about the ways through which marginalized and minoritized employees become deprived of (the relational and organizational sources of) psychological capital, and how they compensate for these deprivations.

We are offering a funded PhD opportunity for a critical research project focusing on the psychological resources and experiences of minoritized and marginalized employees in the workplace. Building upon literature ranging across several disciplines (e.g., organizational behavior, work and organizational psychology, critical management studies, community psychology, sociology), this project uses a qualitative approach (interviews, ethnography) to gain insights about the psychological resource formation and maintenance of minoritized employees.

The project aims to collect (counter)narratives from minoritized employees to understand the psychological resources they rely on, how these resources develop within their unique experiences and the (organizational and interpersonal) obstacles they face that deplete their resources. Additionally, the project will investigate the organizational and social processes that influence the development of psychological resources among minoritized individuals, shedding light on the systemic factors at play. Furthermore, the research will examine managerial and HRM practices that either support or hinder the cultivation of psychological resources among marginalized employees. By challenging traditional paradigms and engaging in interdisciplinary dialogue, this research seeks to contribute to a deeper understanding of workplace inequalities and advocate for meaningful change in HRM practices to foster equitable and inclusive work environments.


Job description

The successful candidate will work for UCLouvain, at the campus in Louvain-la-Neuve, in a dynamic and stimulating environment. The candidate will be attached to the Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations (LouRIM).  

LouRIM is devoted to theoretical and applied, empirical and experimental studies of management of private and public organizations. The Institute mobilizes around 30 faculty members and 70 researchers from the fields of economics, psychology, law, sociology and information system science, to address management questions of societal and economic relevance. Besides the organization of research activities, endowed research chairs and sponsored research, LouRIM coordinates information about the Doctoral School of Management with around 70 active doctoral students and around 10 doctoral degrees awarded each year.

The researcher will be supervised by Professor Edina Dóci.

The successful candidate is expected to:

  • conduct scientific research (in the aforementioned domain) with the specific intent that it results in a doctorate. To obtain the doctoral degree, the candidate must follow and pass the doctoral training provided by the Doctoral School of Management;
  • present results at (international) conferences;
  • publish results in scientific journals;

participate in activities of the Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations (LouRIM)

Required qualifications and skills

We seek highly motivated candidates with an MSc degree (obtained with honors; cum laude or higher) in psychology, sociology, management or any related discipline. Specifically, we are looking for candidates who:

  • have a strong interest in and affinity for  research on inequalities;
  • show an interest in conducting fundamental and applied research;
  • are familiar with social science methodologies (especially qualitative methods);
  • have excellent scientific writing and presentation skills;
  • are proficient in English and French / Dutch;
  • with a strong sense of teamwork, initiative, and integrity.

Application process

Application package:

  • Cover letter showing the candidate’s motivation and eligibility for the position;
  • CV showing the candidate’s past experience and expertise in the research area;
  • A short 1-page proposal for a research plan relevant to the present position;
  • One recommendation letter, to be sent directly by the person recommending the candidate.

Qualified applicants should send their application material (a single PDF document containing all files) by email to Prof. Dr. Edina Dóci ( Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected.


Applications should be received by June 23, 2024, at the latest.


The call will close as soon as we have found the right candidate! Apply as early as you can!


Please apply by mail only, until June 23, 2024




Contact: Edina Dóci -