Information for new staff

Documents required for contract signing:

  • Photograph (for your staff member card and UCLouvain's directory) in the following format:
    • colour photo on a white background on paper (no colour photocopies);
    • ID card format (45 x 35 mm, centred portrait);
    • recent and undamaged (no staples);
  • degree original and a copy;
  • photocopy of identification card or passport;
  • certificate(s) of employment from previous employer(s);
  • certificate(s) of paid leave from previous employer (necessary for calculation of official holiday pay, double pay and amount of paid leave);
  • national registry number;
  • bank account number

After your appointment and reception

To access the UCLouvain intranet, create your global account.

When you have obtained your username and password, go to the intranet page ‘Arriving at UCLouvain’, where you will find useful information.

Usefull information for poeple arriving in Belgium : Welcome guide - website